From Hill to Home, every shelf that stocks bottles of gin tells a fascinating story. This is ours.​
Berries On Branches - Pentland Hills Gin
Loose Juniper Berries - Pentland Hills Gin
Panza and Phil Outside The Distillery

The Distillers Story

How to make gin by trial
and a lot of error

What seemed like a good idea in 2017 has so far, proven to be quite a journey.

First, there is a vast amount of literature out there on distilling, so finding the right balance of initial knowledge was quite a task. Bizarrely in the end, I found a guide written in the 18th Century by a distiller who developed his product in the USA.

It provided a real insight into the basics of distillation and introduced me to one of the most important rules of distilling – cleanliness.

If it’s not clean all kinds of woe will follow and I have stuck with that mantra ever since the process began at Tarbraxus Distillery.
Gin Botanicals On Slate - Pentland Hills Gin

Our Gin Recipe

Lovingly made with 9 homegrown
ingredients and botanicals 

Juniper Berries
Pink Peppercorns
Orris Root

And a subtle infusion of
Orange, Mint and Cocoa nibs.

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There's more to this gin bottle than meets the eye

When we set about designing our bottle the aim was to tell a small part of the story that is Pentland Hills Gin.

Panza is on the front of the bottle and he is looking up Tinto Hill, which is etched on the back of the bottle – dogs staring up at hills forms a large part of our daily life, so it seemed a pretty appropriate way to mark the bottle.

The creation of the artwork on the bottle came courtesy of Lester Hewitt, the father-in-law of Sadie, our brilliant graphic designer. Between them they have created the visual representation of the view down the glen something which we have the joy of seeing every day, when the cloud isn’t too low!

Phil and bottle
At the heart of our distilling ethos is the desire to sustain the environment from which we take and make our gin. Where we can we will grow our own botanicals, we will use water that rises on our land and power the systems that we use through our solar and other renewable power supplies.

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