Good things come in small packages and our bespoke gin service is no exception.

Hand crafted and produced in limited quantities, it is an expression of the place where it's made and the customers that we work with, creating a unique, sustainable, surprising and of course Scottish gin product, that will be remembered long after it has been drunk! 

Personalised Bottle & Minature - Pentland Hills Gin
Miniature gin bottles - Pentland Hills Gin

A few of our favourite
VIP gift ideas...

Development of a bespoke Gin
based on the Pentland Hills Gin taste

Pentland Hills Gin offers an award-winning taste but if you would like to make your special event all the more special why not have gin distilled with your taste buds in mind? At Pentland Hills Gin we love a bit of experimentation and working with our Head Distiller, Phil, you can create your own unique gin distillation which will mark your special day with an extra special embellishment.
The bespoke gin service will use Pentland Hills Gin as a baseline to create your special distillation. Having talked through your choices Phil will run a small batch for you to taste and if all's okay the gin can be distilled and bottled in the quantities to meet your needs - but please remember we are a very small distillery so this does take a little bit of time and huge amounts of gin are not really possible!!

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Gin miniatures 
and delegate gifts

As a special treat for your delegates we can provide gin miniatures for your tables or goodie bags. Each delegate would receive a hand filled Pentland Hills Gin 5cl miniature bottle. Each bottle is sealed with wax and a small picture of Panza is stamped into the seal. Also, each bottle can have a tag with your company logo and a short message from you as a reminder of the event. 

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