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Like Your Refillable Water Bottle? 
Then You'll Love My Refillable Gin Bottle 

Am I Barking? No, it's true. You only need to buy one bottle of Pentland Hills Gin. Ever. Then you can turn it into the best thing since the refillable water bottle; a refillable gin bottle. 

Once you have savoured the contents to the last delicious drop, just place your empty bottle back in box and post it back to us. You'll be saving a tenner every time - and saving the planet too!

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Gin Botanicals On Slate - Pentland Hills Gin

Our Gin Recipe

Lovingly made with 9 homegrown
ingredients and botanicals 

Juniper Berries
Pink Peppercorns
Orris Root

And a subtle infusion of
Orange, Mint and Cocoa nibs. 

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Navy Strength Gin Promo - Pentland Hills Gin

Our Navy
Strength Gin

A twist on our original
Pentland Hills Gin.

" This is a gorgeous gin in its own right
and it is made even more pleasing
by the subtle characteristics,
especially in the finish,
that connect it with Tarbraxus Distillers'
original Pentland Hills Gin."

Paul Jackson
Editor - The Gin Guide 

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