Navy Strength Pentland Hills Gin Miniature

Navy Strength Pentland Hills Gin Miniature

Navy Strenth Pentland Hills Gin is also available in a 5cl miniature bottle, hand sealed with wax. It offers a unique blend of smoothness and strength. A floral nose with hints of caramel, orange and mint it delivers a wonderful gin and tonic and is a brilliant base for the prefect martini or your favourite gin based cocktail. The gin honours the crew of HMS Electra and our grandfather - who was lost at sea in 1942. This miniature makes a great wee gift or something to keep hidden in a pocket or purse should a G and T be required for restorative purposes – this is just what Pentland Hills Gin is intended for.  (Price Includes P & P)
Gin Botanicals On Slate - Pentland Hills Gin

Our Gin Recipe

Lovingly made with homegrown
ingredients and botanicals 

Juniper Berries
Pink Peppercorns

And a subtle infusion of
Orange, Mint and Cocoa nibs. 

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