Pentland Hills Gin is One but I'm Two!

Pentland Hills Gin is One but I'm Two!
Another Doggy

Well folks it’s time for another of my ‘Doggy Updates’. Firstly you will all want to know that my second birthday was on the 10th of October, frankly I sometimes get the impression that I’m lucky to have got this far but my good looks and pin up boy animal attraction keeps me on the Company paybooks and supplied with top quality doggy biscuits.
I thought I ought to update you on what my humans have been up to. It would appear that they have been providing Pentland Hills Gin to a growing gin loving community for almost a year now and it’s been some year, firstly the gin was only sold on the ‘doggynet’ commencing in November last year and then at Gin Festivals (this is where humans go to pretend that they are tasting gin – more on this later). 

There are now over 700 bottles of PHG out in circulation and in most months about 5% of the bottles come back to be refilled. One brilliant month (August) saw 12% of the ‘out there’ bottles come back to be refilled. Frankly this is ‘the dogs’ and all I can do is pass on a huge ‘woof’ to all you PHG lovers – what a pack you are……….particularly those of you who gave us a go right at the beginning – now’s the time to get your refills in time for Christmas!

It’s not just the gin that has been keeping us very busy, in the doggy playground that is our home we’ve been planting juniper (see my excellent article about collecting the trees!). My humans have also been very busy planting all sorts of ‘other stuff’ to make the gin. Apparently, the plan is to try and grow as many of the ingredients here at the distillery (however in South Lanarkshire we might struggle with cocoa and oranges...)

The year has been very interesting for my humans. I have taken them to several gin festivals where I have been the star of the show. It appears to work like this, Mum and Dad lug the tent, tables and stands all over the UK, spend ages setting it up then they put on their aprons. At this point I wander out from my very comfortable doggy bed, say hello to a few customers and then they buy the gin. 

If I get bored Dad takes me off for a bit of R&R and a nice walk, this seems to serve the purpose of him getting a coffee and a sandwich, but we don’t tell Mum!  We have now done 10, as far and wide as Stranraer and Oxford, some have been huge (Glasgow has over 60 gins on show) and some have been tiny (Balerno with 6 stands but huge interest in the gin – the village is the Gateway to the Pentlands so that might explain it). All have been great fun and completely exhausting – not least of which is getting back and needing to distil a lot more gin (Dad does work quite hard you know!)

Other exciting news is my sponsorship of Currie Rugby Football Club. Basically, the Club thinks I’m brilliant and they quite like the gin too.  They play great rugby and have had a very successful start to the season - I think this might be because my picture is stuck on their shorts (you need to speak with Mum about this).

My Mum has been working really hard, check out the Scottish Gin Dog Calendar. Mum has worked with other dogs (okay, and a few distillery owners) to put together the must have 2020 calendar, it’s a perfect Christmas stocking filler – why, because it has 2 pictures of me in it! The Calendar’s profits will all go to charities nominated by each distillery, in our case we have chosen the RAF Benevolent Fund, apparently Dad knows a bit about the RAF but I just like the RAF guards dogs – dead smart and not to be messed with – a bit like me really, as I like to say:

Per Canem Manducans Tortulas ad Astra

So, it’s been busy, busy, busy. Our first year of selling the gin will end in December, so far, we are moving according to the plan (apparently there is a plan).  This must be right because my dog bowl continues to be filled and I remain the poster boy for PHG – well I am very good looking!!

‘Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday Dear Panza,
Happy Birthday to Me……
woof, woof!!’

PS: A big Panza lick to the Team at Pixelbuilders, thanks for my birthday prezzies!