Panza's Summer Update

Panza's Summer Update
A little present for you

My wonderful humans are giving you wonderful humans a discount code to use on our bottles of gin! Make sure you keep reading to find our special code.

Well folks - it's official… I’ve been PROMOTED!

Acting Pilot Officer Panza from now on, but please no need to stand to attention when I come in the room or salute – given my body structure I’d fall over if I tried to salute back! Now you’ll be wondering how this miracle has come about – well Dad reckons I’ve been showing excellent signs of leadership recently and given that I’m such a smart looking dog it was time I received a reward.

So much has been going on! My humans have spent a lot of time in my company – lucky them. Now I know that this lockdown ‘thingy’ has been really hard for all my human friends but the upshot for doggy kind has been an awful lot of dog walking. Now I’m not complaining but a boy does need to rest from time to time and whilst I don’t need any beauty sleep it’s important that I do get enough hours in.


Here are some highlights from the past couple of months...


First up the launch of the Navy Strength Gin. It's gone really well, lots of interest from new and current customers. It will be judged at the forthcoming Scottish Gin Awards – which means Dad will be unbearable as he keeps saying ‘what if they don’t like it’ – and then he runs off to the Ginatorium to do some more thinking – apparently.


Equally as exciting has been the announcement of the Multi Role Gin Bottle....


Even I, the Chocolate Labrador, recognise that this is a good idea. If you have a bottle of our gin and fancy a refill you can choose the Original or Navy Strength Gin  - Simples! Mum and Dad love this idea because it means that the wonderfully etched bottles (they are wonderful because they feature me on the front) can be a bottle for life which is great for our customers and the environment – gets my vote (what is voting?!)


Other good news was the award of a Bronze medal at the London Spirits Competition...

The gin won alongside some of our great gin distilling colleagues and we are as delighted for them as we are for the very small team at Pentland Hills Gin (by small we mean 2 humans, 5 dogs and 2 cats…….)

The good people of Balerno were lucky enough to see me at Balerno Farmers Market in July...


It was the first market that we have attended since the lockdown began. It was really well organised by Val and her Team.

All social distancing rules were really well explained and adhered to. Except I didn’t, being a dog there is no face mask for me so I got to wander around, meet other dogs and generally make a right nuisance of myself. I think a bit of chaos is good for humans, it must have worked because lots of people bought the gin and 9 current Pentland Hills Gin drinkers brought their bottles back to be refilled.

It was great to be out and about and being next door to the dog food stand was very nice too... we look forward to returning in August.


Refer your friends and my wonderful humans will offer them a discount code...


Finally, if you have lots of friends, like me, you can make them feel really happy by referring them to Pentland Hills Gin where my wonderful humans will offer them discount if they buy a bottle of our gin –  Use the code RAF2020 at the checkout. Word has it that it could be as much as a fiver – crikey that’s a lot of dog biscuits.

May I wish you all the best for the rest of summer – there are still some difficult times ahead but take my tip – chase a leaf, bird or butterfly – you’ll feel a whole lot better at the end, I’ve no idea why but every little helps!!