The Doggyjito
A Light and Refreshing Mojito
Serves 2
100mls Pentland Hills Gin (PHG) 
10 Mint Leaves
4 Wedges of Pink Grapefruit
50mls Sugar Syrup
100mls Apple Juice
Glass Choice:
Round Cocktail Glass Icon - Pentland Hills Gin
Light and refreshing, the apple is a soft hit but there is also a wee bite from the pink grapefruit. The hint of sweetness is nicely balanced with the mint easing through. A great drink on a hot summers day.

  1. Place the mint in a mortar and pestle and gentle press until you can smell the mint fragrance being released from the leaves
  2. Add 2 pieces of the grapefruit and gently squish until the juices begin to flow
  3. Transfer to your glass and then add the sugar syrup onto the concoction and stir
  4. Fill your glass until it is half full with crushed ice and swirl the ice and mixture together, then add your PHG and apple juice.
  5. With a long swizzle stick give the glass another good stir and garnish with the sprig of mint and the grapefruit (give this a small squeeze before placing into the glass).
Phil Cox