The Allypanza
A Unique Gin Martini Experience
Serves 1
75mls Pentland Hills Gin (PHG)
5 Drops of Orange Bitters
25mls Lustau Vermut
25mls Seville Orange Syrup
Orange Zest
Glass Choice:
Square Cocktail Glass Icon - Pentland Hills Gin

There is an immediate hint of herbs and orange as you tackle this cocktail. A really soft and smooth drinking pleasure there is a great deal to discover within both the gin and vermouth. Well worth taking yourself into a quiet room, sit by the fire, put you feet up and enjoy.

This cocktail celebrates our great friend Ally’s relationship with Panza - which is based upon Ally telling him off when he gets out of hand (which happens quite a lot).  It was developed during a Skype ‘virtual happy hour’ and offers a deep brown hue with lots of orange and a slightly bitter aftertaste which lingers nicely on the palate.

  1. Dribble the bitter orange drops into a cocktail shaker and run the liquid around the glass.
  2. Fill the shaker half way with crushed ice
  3. Pour the orange syrup, gin and vermouth over the crushed ice and shake.
  4. Serve into a chilled glass
  5. Drop in a small amount of orange zest and let it swirl around the glass. Drink as the orange begins to sink. 
  6. If you’re feeling a bit different, try garnishing with a little bit of fresh coriander

The Lustau Vermut has wormwood, coriander, gentian and oranges as its flavour and this background works really well with Pentland Hill Gin. You can find it here.
Phil Cox