The Larnarkshire Gin Alliance or LGA for short is a fantastic Scottish Gin Collaboration dedicated to showcasing the very best small batch gin the Larnarkshire region in Scotland has to offer.

Available from the 25th November 2020 is our very first gin collaboration: the taste of Lanarkshire ‘mini-gin’ gift set includes five double measures, each gin has been chosen to represent our distillers favourite gin expressions. Buy your mini-gin gift set today.

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Panza, Juniper and the Gin
We're honoured to be
part of the L.G.A.

The collaboration is designed to offer
gin lovers the chance to sample
some of the finest hand crafted
small batch gins from Lanarkshire.

The Alliance came into being
because the LGA’s gin distillers
love giving one another a hand.  

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A few perfect present ideas...

The Lanarkshire Gin Alliance gift set is the perfect choice for any gin lover looking to try something new. For those who already love the taste of Pentland Hills Gin, why not gift the gift of our refillable, multi-role gin bottle by getting started with 50cl of our original gin?
Lanarkshire Gin Alliance gift box
Lanarkshire Gin Alliance gift box
Pentland Hills Gin
Pentland Hills Gin