Tabatha was born and grew up in West Sussex. A competent sportswoman from the start she regularly plays tennis and doesn’t loose very often. Tabatha attended Aberystwyth University and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Geology (which has proved very useful when trying to solve the mystery of the bore hole that needs to be drilled to support the distilling).

This degree was also very helpful when she joined an off-shore oil exploration vessel operating in both the Irish and North Seas. As one of the first females to work from such a vessel there was no small amount of adjustment required from the men on the rigs – but they coped! Tabatha is never happier than when she is behind the wheel of a 4X4 vehicle driving off-road (a very handy skill when the weather turns nasty in South Lanarkshire).

Tabatha’s later career was focused on HR & Operations process design and system development, supporting global organisations who were upgrading their HR systems to support growth and empowerment of staff using cloud and mobile technologies. She branched out into her own consultancy providing global business support for a variety of clients and industries before taking the plunge into leading the start-up, development and management of Tarbraxus Distillers.