Panza's Spring Newsletter

Panza's Spring Newsletter
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Well, a woofingly happy Easter to all my Panza Pals.

I thought that it was time for another of my outstanding newsletters in order to update you about – Me!! It must be said that I’m in fine form. More’s the point as the weather improves it would appear that my humans are rather keen to head to the great outdoors and keep me company as I go for my daily exercise.

It’s not just all the walking that is great fun, you need to check how my garden is looking now that the first flowers of Spring are beginning to appear. The crocus under the big tree in the garden are particularly nice and I feel that they set of my lovely chocolate fur in a splendid manner. What hasn’t gone down very well is that the soil smells quite lovely at the moment and I really like digging in it. This is not a popular past time with the humans who seem to think I am causing unnecessary damage to the lawn – I ask you where is a dog supposed to bury his bone – given the amount of chastisement I’m guessing it’s not on Mum’s favourite piece of lawn…………well you can’t be popular all of the time – just most of it in my case.

Just a bit of an update on what the humans are up to. First off there has been some extensive juniper bush planting, we now have half a dozen mature and over 50 juvenile plants established. I had great fun helping Dad plant them all, this is because every time he poured bonemeal into the hole, I’d run off with the bonemeal box whilst he wasn’t looking. I thought it was great fun – I’m not sure he agreed and that might have explained why I was sent back to the house in disgrace.

My humans are getting quite excited about the lockdown ‘thingy’ beginning to relax a bit. I was in Balerno a couple of weekends ago selling my gin. I was as popular as ever and I met lots of doggy mates. What was great about the day was the number of our customers who brought their bottles back for a refill. I’m personally of the view that they only come with the bottle in order to see me, apparently this might not be the case. Either way it meant that my humans were very busy after the show turning the bottles around and then delivering back to our customers. Why not order your refill today too!

Well folks, here’s wishing you all the best for Easter. Just before I go my cat mate Luke just wants you to know that there is a ‘Cat-tastic’ offer on our website throughout April, he has arranged the discount code CATSRULE with the humans and this will give you a splendid 10% OFF ALL GIN PRODUCTS you order this month.