Panza's Mother's Day Top Tips & Ode To Rosie

Panza's Mother's Day Top Tips & Ode To Rosie
It's Mother's Day soon! 

Here are Panza's tips on not getting it wrong. 

Top Tip – don’t forget Mother’s Day.

If you do, you’ll find yourself in the dog house and I know a thing or 2 about being in the dog house (I’d would tell you about my escape from the doggy compound but it led to an extended period of throwing a ball against my cell wall…….)

Selecting the right gift – I’d always go with a nice bone, but most humans seem to think this is a bad idea. As it stands any bone I’ve been given is MY BONE and the chances of me giving it to my Mum are really very slim, in fact there’s no chance at all.

That said this appears to work both ways, I’ve only had two birthdays and no bone appeared on those days! Of course, if I was a human, I’d recommend a bottle of Pentland Hills Gin, the perfect gift for any Mum who needs to be spoiled because they are very, very special – like our gin. Actually, this is the gift that just keeps giving because once she has finished the bottle you can send it back and my nice humans will refill and send it right back.

On the day – my advice is to go for early spoiling, tea in bed is a sure-fire winner. I wouldn’t recommend throwing yourself on the bed as part of the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration – we talked about being in the Dog House and this is a fast ticket to throwing a ball against your cell wall……….again.

Flowers – all Mum’s love flowers and on Mother’s Day they can be a real winner. My only observation would be not to dig them up from the garden, in the main this will involve being shouted at and removed to the ‘Doggy Dungeon’ – I must get myself a baseball glove.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mums out there – my Mum, Rosie, is very special (just like me) and I love her very much.