Panzas Winter Warmer

Panzas Winter Warmer
Panza's Winter Warmer
Rich and Dark Delight
Serves 2 
Big Knob of Butter
2x Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
1 Pint of Milk (Full Fat If You Can)
50gs of Quality Dark Chocolate (80%+ Cocoa)
2x Dessert Spoons of Drinking Chocolate Powder
2x Dessert Spoons (25mls) of Pentland Hills Gin
Whipped Cream
Handful of Raspberries
Handful of Marshmallows and Mint
Glass Choice:
Square Cocktail Glass Icon - Pentland Hills Gin

What can I say – a rich, dark chocolate overload but with the added hint of cardamom and coriander emerging from the hot cup. The raspberries sinking into the liquid will need a teaspoon to enjoy and the marshmallow will stick to the spoon and go stringy as you lift the raspberries out of the cup. A great treat after an hour or so of throwing snowballs.

This winter warmer came at the end of a long day in the field. The dogs were sound asleep and snoring in their beds and we needed something to ward off the chill of a Scottish winter evening.

Ordinarily we might have had a dram or a brandy but as chance would have it a bottle of the PH Gin was sat by the hob and without thinking the Head Distiller decided to pour in the gin instead

The hot chocolate offered up a lovely whiff of cardamom and on sipping it added a slight peppery warmth to the chocolate. We then added raspberries and marshmallows for fun. Top tip - let the Raspberries drop into the chocolate as chocolate-soaked raspberries are a girl’s best friend.

  1. Melt butter in solid bottomed pan - break into pan the chocolate pieces and add sugar
  2. Stir gently under a low heat until all melted
  3. Then add milk and then sprinkle the 2 tablespoons of chocolate and stir the powder into the milk with a wooden spoon
  4. Then gently whisk the chocolate with a hand whisk bringing to the boil on a low heat continuing to whisk all the time
  5. Remove from heat when it has come to the boil and put to one side and add the 2 dessert spoons of the PHG
  6. Then pour into your PHG mug and cover with extra thick whipped cream
  7. Add to the top as many raspberries as you like (they may sink if you add too many!) and a small handful of marshmallows. Garnish with a mint leaf.
Phil Cox