Panza's Pick Me Up

Panza's Pick Me Up
Panza's Pick Me Up
A fabulous gin cocktail created by @drinks_with_jude
Serves 1
50ml Pentland Hills Gin
100ml Single Cream
20ml Triple Sec
20ml Raspberry Syrup from Fentimans Ltd
Juice of Half a Lemon
Crushed Ice
Glass Choice:
Martini Cocktail Glass Icon - Pentland Hills Gin
We're delighted to share this fantastic cocktail recipe from Instagram blogger @drinks_with_jude who used our 50ml miniature bottle to make the delightfully pink and seriously sweet cocktail: Panza's Pick Me Up.

It couldn't be easier to make either, just measure out the ingredients and shake together with ice then pour over crushed ice into your favourite martini glass. Enjoy. 
Drinks With Jude