Panza, Juniper and the Gin
Hello I'm Panza.

I'm the dog on the
Pentland Hills Gin bottle,
and boy, do I have a gin for you!

It's an award winning mix
of high-quality sustainable botanicals
offering a subtle infusion of Orange,
Mint and at my suggestion,
a handful of Cocoa nibs. 

I am a Chocolate Labrador, after all.

Try a bottle


On our land in the Pentland Hills we have planted juniper trees in order to deliver a sustainable supply of Scottish juniper berries for our gin. We also grow a number of the botanicals such as mint and coriander, and we are working hard to grow the other ingredients that create the wonderful taste within our award winning gin.

Panza, Phil and The Labarador Family - Pentland Hills Gin
The Pentland Hills - Pentland Hills Gin


Our gin distillation is based upon sustainability; what we take we give back and the gin's taste reflects the environment and ingredients we use to create it. Where we can, we use water that rises on our land and power the systems we use through our solar and other renewable power supplies.

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Our gin bottle is beautifully made in Italy.  We don't use plastic on our bottle, instead we favour a cork stopper and etched detailing, making it all the more special. As a result, our bottle can be used time and time again, through the use of the gin refill service. 

Our Gin Bottle, Mint and Grapefruit - Pentland Hills Gin
Our Recyclable Packaging - Pentland Hills Gin


You only ever need to buy one bottle of Pentland Hills Gin. Then you can turn it into the best thing since the refillable water bottle; a refillable gin bottle. Once you have savoured the contents to the last delicious drop, just place your empty bottle back in the box and post it back to us. You'll be saving a tenner every time and protecting the planet too!

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Our Refillable Gin Bottle & Gin Miniature - Pentland Hills Gin
Phil In The Distillery - Pentland Hills Gin

It's the dog's.